Scan me, baby!

QR code

What is this? It's a QR code!

It’s called a QR code and you’ll see it all over New Values Magazine, both on the cover and throughout the magazine — especially in some advertiser’s ads.

Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes are now used in a much broader context, including both commercial tracking and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users. They come to us from Japan, where they are very common.

A QR code is a matrix or two-dimensional barcode readable by mobile phones and smartphones with cameras. The code consists of block-like graphics arranged in a square pattern on white background.

Once the image is captured in your cell phone — with the assistance of any free, downloadable barcode reader app — it may direct you to a company web site, a coupon or special offer, show a movie trailer or video or something totally different.

Our advertisers use QR codes in their ads to bring you to their section of this web site, where their posts will grown into a library of expertise, information and promotions. Over time, you can return to these to learn more about them and the products and services they offer.

In each issue of New Values Magazine, you might also find QR codes used as clues in our puzzles and even to convey secret information only for readers who have a phone or smartphone that can scan and read the codes. They’ll be our little secret!

In the mean time, enjoy this new piece of technology and know that we’re one of the first magazine to ever incorporate QR codes on such a wide scale and with such a great amount of uses. See, now you’re part of the “in” crowd too!

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