Welcome to the first issue of New Values Magazine!

New Values MagazineGood morning!

What a wonderful day — the first issue of the New Values Magazine is being mailed and distributed today, we’re officially launching the printed magazine’s online counterpart, NewValuesMagazine.com and you, as a local, DeKalb-area consumer, have the chance to be a part of a new publishing and promotional effort that is the first in the country!

Keep an eye out in your mailbox for the March issue of New Values Magazine. If you remember the “old” Values Magazine, we’ve got a few new surprises for you! Yes, you’ll still get advertisements and promotions from our valued partnering advertisers. But, there’s so much more now, including puzzles and even contests.

You’ll see posts on our site now from select advertisers. When you get your magazine, you’ll note how the ads and the posts here tend to work “together.” Advertisers use our web site to educate and inform you indepth — something they can’t do with the limited space of an advertisement.

So enjoy you’re new issue and be sure to check out the posts as they come online over the next few days (and get updated throughout the month!). You will want to sign-up on our e-list to receive our monthly e-newsletter, receive valuable coupons and much more. Sign-up is over to the right. —>

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