NIU Football Trivia!

How’s your knowledge of NIU football? Check your answers to the NIU trivia questions in the September issue of New Values Magazine. For those of you who missed it in the printed magazine, here are the questions again, with the answers below.  

1. Who did NIU defeat in 1899 for their first collegiate victory?

a] North Central College

b] DeKalb High School

c] Eastern Illinois

d] Illinois State

2. Who did NIU not defeat in the 2003 season?

a] Nebraska

b] Alabama

c] Maryland

d] Iowa State

Do you know the answers? Here they are:

1.  b] DeKalb High School.  Northern Illinois with a roster of 14 players defeated DeKalb High School, 16-0 on November 10, 1899.

2. a] Nebraska.  On the opening weekend, NIU beat #14 Maryland 20-17 in overtime. Then, the Huskies traveled to Tuscaloosa and beat #21 Alabama 16-13.They followed with a 24-16 victory over Iowa State.

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