Insects buggin’ you?

This summer has been quite mild compared to last year’s drought. You may have seen insects and pests that you haven’t seen in a while or ever. Emerald Lawn Service & Pest Control handles them all. From ash borers to ants, mice to moths, and so much more.

Signs of a bug problem:

Grubs - Brown or dead areas of grass that can easily be pulled up.
Sod Webworms - Areas of unevenly cropped grass that may brown and die.
Chinch Bugs - Most active in hot, dry weather. Look for patches of yellowing turf near sidewalks or driveways (confused with drought problems) or small patches where grass has disappeared.
Emerald Ash Borer - Early symptoms may be dead branches near the top of the tree, “D” shaped exit holes on the bark or even woodpecker activity.
Japanese Beetles - The damage from these grown up grubs will be easy to spot as they will stay on a plant or host until completely gone.
Aphids - These plant killers secret a honey-like substance that is attractive to ants. This is a good indication of a problem.

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