Submitting a Story Online

As an advertiser, you have two places you’ll appear — in our printed and mailed magazine and also online, here at Placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine like New Values Magazine is something you’ve likely done pretty often and are probably comfortable with what is needed. However, you may not know what to do to post something online.

Your online post should be something directly related to the advertisement in our printed magazine. If you’re promoting a special event, sale or new part of your business, use the online post to go into detail. If you tend to run the same or similar ad over and over, use the online post to talk about your business — its history, some interesting piece of trivia, maybe highlight an employee or discuss how you’re different than your competitors.

You have to think a bit like a journalist or reporter and tell a story. Here are some things you should definitely include:

  • An engaging headline. Keep it under 10 words
  • 250 to 750 words of copy describing your company, event, offer or some interesting bit of information you want consumers to know
  • A call to action. Make people want to call you or visit your storefront or web site.
  • Your company, store or other logo
  • A picture or graphic. Make it relevant to the post’s topic.
  • Your name, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Your web site address

Need some help? Not sure where to start? Not a great writer but you can tell us what you want over the phone in a few short minutes?

No problem, for assistance (and also to send everything you have for your online post), contact Tina. Her telephone number is 815-748-7121 and her e-mail address is