What’s a cheese nugget and why do I want one?

Pizza ProsWhen the owner of Pizza Now went out of business, Artie Alberts had a choice to make. Go to work for someone else and possibly be in the same situation again, or start his own business. He decided to start his own business.

On September 4, 1991 he opened Pizza Pro’s at 110 East Hillcrest in DeKalb, providing carry-out and delivery service to the local area. Although the name tells you that you will get a great pizza, it didn’t prepare customers for the variety of sandwiches, pasta and their special “Cheese Nuggets.”

The carry-out and delivery business was a great hit with the college campus at Northern Illinois University. As the business grew additional space was needed. When the opportunity arose to move next to one of the busiest college bars in town, “Amenesia,” they moved to 928 West Lincoln Highway.

The business was expanded to provide dine in to the bar next door. This situation worked great for both businesses.

In 2007 the business was moved to its present location at 1205 West Lincoln Highway. With this move the business was expanded to include inside dining as well as a full service bar and private banquet room with a full catering menu.

Pizza Pro’s friendly staff, daily food and drink specials as well as the varied menu make it a popular venue for both the local residents and students at NIU and Kishwaukee Colleges.

Stop by or visit our web site at www.PizzaProsDeKalb.com for more information. Or scan the QR code in our ad in the printed version of New Values Magazine!

One Response to What’s a cheese nugget and why do I want one?

  1. Rona Hardt says:

    Pizza Pro’s cheese nuggets are amazing, but they can be even better if you add toppings to them. Bacon or sausage are my favorites! Try them with your favorite topping and you’ll love those cheese nuggets even more!