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What type of motor oil is best for my vehicle’s engine?

Motor oil is used in automobile and truck internal combustion engines as lubrication for the engine’s moving parts, to clean the engine, help prevent corrosion, improve the sealing properties of various elements in the engine and help cool the engine by carrying away heat from moving parts.

Motor oil is normally made from heavy, thick petroleum hydrocarbons found in crude oil. Some oils, however, are entirely synthetic (derived from mineral or non-mineral based oils) or a synthetic blend (or hydrocarbon-based oils and synthetic-based oils).

But which motor oil is best for your vehicle and what’s the difference between all the different types, weights and other options?

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Time for trivia!

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August 2012 New Values Magazine arrives!

It’s back to school time! Check out the August issue of New Values Magazine for great Back2School values. The magazine is loaded with other great information like puzzles, trivia and community annoucements. Check out DeKalb County’s leading monthly coupon magazine.

And be sure to visit our web site throughout the coming weeks — we’ll have great stories and articles from our advertisers, updates on community events and much, much more.

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