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Time for more trivia!

We asked in our June issue, how long has the oldest farmer’s market in the U.S. been in operation? Possible answers:

a. 18 years
b. 78 years
c. 163 years
d. 275 years

And the answer is….

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Trivia Time! Answers to America’s Past Time

In addition to our normal Crosswordvertisers crossword puzzle, we added a some trivia to the June issue of New Values Magazine. For those of you who missed it in the printed magazine, here are the questions again, with the answers below.  See how much you know about America’s Favorite Past Time!

  1. This player had the longest career in baseball history which lasted from 1966 to 1993 and carried him through four teams where he struck out the most batters by sneaking balls past 5,714 players.
  2. This player has the highest lifetime batting average of .367.
  3. This player is the King of grand slam homers, hitting 23 in the span of his career.
  4. This player hold the record for most games won (511) and most games lost (316) in his career.
  5. This player competed in 22 World Series games, pitched 146 World Series innings, and was on the winning team for 10 World Series games.
  6. These players were the first father/son team to play together. They added to their records by hitting home runs “back-t0-back” in the same game.
  7. This player showed his bravery by capturing the title of Cy Young Award for four consecutive years.
  8. This player stuck it out for 2,131 consecutive games (that’s a lot of baseball!), breaking Lou Gehrig’s record of 2,130 games.
  9. This pitcher for the Rangers was studying medicine off-season and was able to save a fan’s life when the man had a heart attack.
  10. This 17-year-old baseball star struck out 15 batters in the first show of the major leagues in 1936.

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Picking a good pair of sunglasses

Summer is in full swing and there’s one thing for sure — the sun’s rays do a lot of damage to your eyes. Well, you can provide protection as well as make a statement with a stylish frame by considering a few pointers on how to pick the right pair of sunglasses.

First, though, a bit about why you should always wear sunglasses.

Just as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin, they can also harm the lens and cornea of your eye. Long term (as in years — the sun’s damage is cumulative) exposure to UV radiation increases your odds of getting cataracts and has been linked to macular degeneration, a degenerative (though treatable) disease of the macula that is essential for sharp vision.

And while you mainly think of sunlight as it travels from the sun, through the air and into your eyes, just as important to guard against is sunlight that bounces off of highly-reflective surfaces such as water, sand and pavement.

Sunglasses play a pivotal role in shielding the eye’s fragile tissue from UV radiation. Like sunscreen, sunglasses should be worn whenever you’re outdoors, year round.

Look for sunglasses with complete UVA/UVB protection
Choose sunglasses that provide full protection from UV light. Ask one of our opticians or make sure that the sunglasses clearly state one or more of the following:

  • Lenses block 99% or 100% of UVB and UVA rays
  • Lenses meet ANSI Z80.3 blocking requirements
  • Lenses feature UV 400 protection

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June Crosswordvertisers answers

Sharpen those pencils — our June issue features puzzles and trivia galore. We’ll start off today’s Day of Puzzles with the answers to our latest Crosswordvertisers — our crossword-based puzzle where the answers have to do with the advertisers in our latest issue of New Values Magazine. See which ones you knew:

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FitWorkz features a week of free classes

Get a jump start on summer fitness this week with free classes offered by FitWorkz of of DeKalb. From Monday, June 27th through this Saturday, July 2nd, we’re featuring free classes to give you a taste of how you can get — and keep — fit at FitWorkz this summer. We offer classes in pilates, yoga, stretch and strength, and a Zumba-like dance and exercise class we call “Dance! Dance! Dance!”.

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June 2011 New Values Magazine arrives!

Are you ready for summer? Our advertisers are with 24 pages of super summer values and other great information like puzzles, trivia and community announcements. Check out the June issue of New Values Magazine, DeKalb County’s leading monthly coupon magazine!

Also be sure to visit our web site throughout the coming weeks — we’ll have great stories and articles from our advertisers, updates on community events and much, much more.

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