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Insects buggin’ you?

This summer has been quite mild compared to last year’s drought. You may have seen insects and pests that you haven’t seen in a while or ever. Emerald Lawn Service & Pest Control handles them all. From ash borers to ants, mice to moths, and so much more.

Signs of a bug problem:

Grubs - Brown or dead areas of grass that can easily be pulled up.
Sod Webworms - Areas of unevenly cropped grass that may brown and die.
Chinch Bugs - Most active in hot, dry weather. Look for patches of yellowing turf near sidewalks or driveways (confused with drought problems) or small patches where grass has disappeared.
Emerald Ash Borer - Early symptoms may be dead branches near the top of the tree, “D” shaped exit holes on the bark or even woodpecker activity.
Japanese Beetles - The damage from these grown up grubs will be easy to spot as they will stay on a plant or host until completely gone.
Aphids - These plant killers secret a honey-like substance that is attractive to ants. This is a good indication of a problem.

Call Emerald Lawn Care Service & Pest Control at 815-991-9480 for a FREE over the phone estimate!

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August Crosswordvertisers answers

Have you completed the Crosswordvertisers in the August issue of New Values Magazine?  The answers have to do with the advertisers in our latest issue of the magazine. Which ones did you know:

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August 2013 New Values Magazine on the way!

It’s back to school time! Check out the August issue of New Values Magazine for great Back2School values. The magazine is loaded with other great information like puzzles and community announcements. Check out DeKalb County’s leading monthly coupon magazine.
And be sure to visit our web site throughout the coming weeks — we’ll have great stories and articles from our advertisers, updates on community events and much, much more.

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