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Look great on your special day: Two tanning options

To offer something to those not interested in UV tanning, SunWorkz has added Air Brush tanning. Air brush tanning offers tanners options beyond just UV tanning. Timing could not be better with Prom and Wedding season just around the corner!

Airbrush tanning: How does it work?
The tanning customer visits SunWorkz and can wear their bathing suit or shorts and a tank top. The tanning specialist will go through the basics of sunless tanning and answer any questions the tanner may have.

Next the tanning customer is air brushed. In a few short minutes they are tan. However, this initial tan is really just a bronzer that is airbrushed on so the tanning specialist can see where they have airbrushed and where they have not. In a few hours the customer will shower and wash this bronzer off.

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