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Severe service maintenance schedule for Sycamore and DeKalb automobile owners

Some of our customers at Bockman’s Auto Care are surprised to learn that there are actually two service schedules for their vehicles. One is the regular schedule and the other is the severe service schedule.

Let’s look at what the manufacturers say constitutes severe driving conditions, and let you draw your own conclusions:

  • Most of your trips are less than four miles
  • Most of your trips are less than ten miles and outside temperatures are below freezing
  • The engine is at low speed most of the time — not on the highway
  • You operate your vehicle in dusty areas
  • You regularly tow a trailer, carry heavy loads or a car-top carrier
  • Stop and go driving
  • Driving in very hot or very cold weather

So you can see that a lot has to do with how you drive, but some has to do with where you drive. Some areas of the country will be more or less severe than it is here in DeKalb County.

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Answers to May’s Crossword Puzzle

So, how did you do this month? As you may have noted, we use the names of our advertisers in each issues’s crossword puzzle. Here are the answers to March’s puzzle:

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May’s New Values Magazine Is On The Way!

Keep an eye on your mail as the next issue of New Values Magazine hits the streets May 20th. In addition to valuable coupons from local businesses, you’ll find community events announcements and information, news from Kishwaukee Hospital and more! Learn more about the DeKalb County Community Gardens!

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